Nationwide Retail Permitting

At Retail Permit Group we recognize the need to obtain a quick turnaround for plan reviews, while at the same time remaining cost effective. The sole purpose of our company is to rapidly process and submit your plans, while maintaining the highest customer service standards. Instead of having the construction manager, general contractor, or architect expedite your plans, let us do the work for you, so you and your team can focus on current as well as upcoming projects.

Our team of knowledgeable project managers can help you eliminate unwanted costs when processing your permits across the nation. Through years of experience and industry contacts we are able to guarantee the quickest turnaround time for any municipality to conduct a plan review. We will work diligently with city officials, plan checkers, permit technicians and outside consultants to make certain all your deadlines are met.

At Retail Permit Group, we identify our clients’ permitting needs, and then their wants. A single strategy can often satisfy both.

In addition, our staff will thoroughly review all your design documentations, architectural and M.E.P. plans to ensure we are fully prepared to submit your project. We take a proactive approach and become familiar with your projects so we can better prepare ourselves for any potential problems or conflicts that may arise during the plan review process. Furthermore, we verify and can submit your project to Health, Planning, Fire, Zoning, ADA and State Reviewing Departments when applicable.

We understand that project managers must concentrate on upcoming projects, while general contractors need to focus on building, and your architect or designer can pay attention to the details of your current and upcoming projects. Let us help your team by allowing them to focus on their area of expertise while we work on handling the permitting process.


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