Due Diligence / Jurisdictional Information

Let Retail Permit Group perform your Due Diligence for you, your project managers, architects and engineers. We possess an extensive reference library of jurisdictional information, which allows our project managers to inform you of what will be required before submitting your project.

Before we receive any project we notify our clients on exact submittal requirements for filing your plans. Our Due Diligence package will contain information such as (but not limited to) required number of sets, estimated plan review time frames, important documents that require property owner or architects signatures, and required departments that we will be submitting your plans too.

Our Due Diligence reports can also be custom tailored to your needs. If you have specific questions regarding the permitting procedures we can have our project managers ask specific questions to the governing jurisdiction. Once we complete your report it is put together and emailed directly to you and your team. Your team can then prepare the necessary items to send to us for permit processing.

Our Due Diligence reports include:

  • Governing agency(s) address and telephone numbers that will issue your building permit.
  • Estimated plan check times for standard and/or expedited reviews.
  • The required number of sets of plans and if architects/engineer seals and signatures are required.
  • Reporting if you will require separate CD of plans for digital submittals.
  • Requirements if jurisdiction allows separate demo, phasing and early start permits.
  • Current adopted codes utilized in jurisdiction.
  • Copies of all necessary applications required for permit filing.

By having Retail Permit Group assemble this information, you can feel assured knowing that once we have your plans we would also have ALL necessary information to begin the permitting process right-away without any delay.


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