Interior Alterations and Tenant Fit-ups

If your retail store or stores require an interior remodel or tenant fit-up feel rest assured that we can expedite your permit from beginning to end. From our pre-application services to permit issuance our project managers take a systematic approach to managing all aspects of your permits.

Retail Permit Group has grown to become a nationwide leader in permit expediting. Our proven solutions are being used successfully in some of the largest retail chains, architectural and contracting firms in America. Through our numerous years of experience we have established strong relationships with various permitting jurisdictions.

Our process begins with a pre-application phase in which we learn as much as possible about your project and its

We then proceed to a filing phase, where we approach all required departments with your proposed project. It is during this phase that we get your project done faster by submitting for expedited reviews or whenever possible having it done over-the-counter. We even obtain information such as demo permit options and overtime inspections that can allow your contractor to begin construction before the building permit is even issued.


Next, we continue the process by overseeing the review with all required departments. The project is outlined giving you and your team an estimated time frame when all departments will be completed. In addition, we offer a secure area on our website for you to track the progress of your project. Our information is up to date 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in real time.

Finally, when all departments are approved we relinquish all information to you so the permit can be issued to your designated contact or general contractor. At Retail Permit Group we strive for a smooth transfer!


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